For official purposes:

Amílcar Sanatan is an artist, academic and activist. He is a PhD. candidate in Cultural Studies at The University of West Indies, St. Augustine Campus. His research interests include men and masculinities in the Caribbean, youth and student development and cultural geography. Sanatan serves as the Trinidad and Tobago representative for the Commonwealth Students Association and coordinator of the UWI Socialist Student Conference.

Alternative bio:

Amílcar PRESI Sanatan eats pepper in every meal for the day. Blending his passion for social change with creating writing and performance, he continues to be an underpaid, undervalued, artist in his homeland. His dream in life is to be a whole-wheat doubles vendor and he hopes to retire as an umpire for International Test Cricket. Sanatan looks forward to meeting people who were born in the year 2000 because it is easier to work out their age.