Subway Customer Complaint: Eating Fresh (and Fly)

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Monday 8th September 2014

I write to formally submit a complaint about my experience at Subway Piarco International Airport, Trinidad and Tobago on Sunday 7th September 2014. While my order of sandwiches was being prepared, my colleagues and I brought to the attention of the customer service representative that a fly was on the glass and also on the vegetable tray. This call was ignored. Then, a fly went on the bottle of sauces. Again, we brought this matter to the attention of the staff member and nothing was done. The staff member with a badge name ‘XXXXX’ consistently rolled her eyes at my complaints. In a very obvious way, I took my camera out and snapped a number of photographs of the fly on the sauce bottle. Until then, XXXXXX, who was now cashing, informed another member of staff “to go and wash de bottle”. However, she incorrectly identified the bottles where the fly landed; I was not surprised because she refused to recognize our polite complaints earlier.

When cashing, as I was prepared to leave, the cashier asked, “you does take picture of fly in your house?” I laughed quietly and ensured I kept a copy of my receipt for the purpose of writing this e-mail. Interestingly, on Saturday morning, I had an unpleasant experience at this Subway branch with the same customer service representative. It is with great displeasure that this matter has extended beyond my transaction at the Subway restaurant. In addition to which, the poor practice of not informing the customer before ordering that there were no onions does not sit well with vegetarians who already have limited options. This seems to be a standard practice within our nation where we do not take the necessary steps to inform consumers on the exact product/service they are paying for.

On the two occasions I was a customer at Subway this weekend, I had very unpleasant experiences. On both occasions, it was an embarrassment to my non-national guests who were introduced to the shortcomings of your business in their limited interactions. I look forward to your reply and it is my hope that you can make the necessary interventions to improve the quality of customer service where it was not practiced before.

Kindly see attached pictures for clarity on the matter.


Amilcar Sanatan











UPDATE: Wednesday 10th September 2014

At 8:15am, I received a formal response by the Customer Service Manager of Prestige Holdings. She apologised for the incident, explained some ongoing improvements throughout the Subway franchise and requested my contact information. After I replied, I was contacted at 3:08pm by the CSM who expressed her appreciation for my feedback and promised some 6″ sandwich vouchers to be collected at the U.W.I branch (the branch nearest to my residence).

I compliment Mrs. De Souza, CSM, for her understanding tone by e-mail and on the telephone. Her efficiency  has undone the bad taste of my past experience.


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  1. I visited the subway branch at chase village chaguanas on 23/08/16 @ 4:04 pm and to the shock and horror to myself the 4 other patrons a cockroach was walking along the food preparation area. We raised an alarm and it was ignored. The rude manager rolled her eyes and walked away. The roach then made its way to the cashier area where they mashed it and covered it with a cup. There were no feedback forms and the manager bluntly and unapologeticly said…she saw no roach. Which was dead by her feet at the point. I didnt complete my purchase as this unsanitary concern makes me wonder if i am really eating healthy. Poor staff training and a poor customer service. I will be posting my pictures to my facebook and instragram walls to highlight this unsanitary resturant.

  2. I got a fly in my Sandwich in Penal. The Manager with a tag named April was very rude. She dressed the Sandwich. And did not want to fully refund me.

  3. Subway in curepe one of the worker was wearing alot of powder on her neck so much it fell out of her clothes and she was still serving customers. I told her about it and she gave me an attitude. Major health and safety violation.

  4. Hi I’m an agent for one of the Airline at Piarco International Airport and last night I went to buy something before I report for duty, there was only one customer standing so I said to myself I’ll get through really fast being there is no line so I reached there 9:50pm 15/03/17 and had my order taken 10:15pm due to there only being one person (male worker) doing all task, he was preparing the sandwich for the customer before me and cashing for other customers who came to purchase coffee etc, I said to him can the other workers at the back come and assist u from the back ,he replied and said no. However I left there at 10:27pm and I must say was the worst service ever especially being the branch at Piarco International Airport where customer service and staff must be at there very best, they suppose to be the main branch where customer service and staff is the greatest of all but service is definitely poor. Seriously something needs to be done about that branch or it don’t make sense having it there serves no purpose for that poor service

  5. Good day, so I purchased subway via the app at 9:28 a.m on the 11/04/22. However, I am terribly disappointed in the service and I expected some sort of refund. It took 2 and a half hours for me to receive my order on top of the sandwiches being extremely cold as if they were sitting next to an ice pack for a lengthy period of time. This was from the Sangre Grande Branch. When I called back the customer service was absolutely poor. This is completely ridiculous and was a waste of money as the orders were also incorrect. The order number was #75361.

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