King of Soca and Consent: If Machel Montano Was A Feminist

Interviewer: Mr. Montano, this carnival, it was widely published that thiefin’ a wine could be addressed as an offense under the Summary Offenses Act. This has initiated fiery debates on social media about women and feminists’ attack on “Trinbago culture”. Many women have spoken up demanding a culture of consent. What do you say to persons who think otherwise?

Machel Montano: “You could get charge for wining like dat, you might make a jail.” (Illegal, 2011)

Interviewer: Wow. Is it that the King of Soca believes that he must have consent before he approaches anyone else for a wine each time? What do you do? Do you have to engage in some long talk and ask for permission? Didn’t you tell us that there was no long talk in wining?

Machel Montano: “No long talk when we come to wine!” (Lip Service, 2017)

But you need to ask for consent because “All said she wanted was one wine from meh, all said she needed was a little bit of my time.” (One More Time, 2007)

Interviewer: But doesn’t this take away the fun? Some are even labeling the fun as ‘harassment’!

Machel Montano: I sing with Rose last year. De woman say “Leave me aloneeeeee!” (Leave Me Alone, 2016)

Interviewer: This sounds like a different Double M to me. Aren’t you afraid that you will alienate some of your fans with these views that seem to defend women and gender equality?

Machel Montano: “I really don’t care what nobody say…What they say they say because a people does talk…” (What They Say They Say, 1997/1998)

Interviewer: Lately, your statements have been taken as provocative and on social media you are being called out for your “progressive politics.” People say that you’ve gone soft and you just focus on your music.

Machel Montano: “Dey come out to buss meh head” (Buss Head, 2017)


“I come out to live meh life, live meh life, play a mas and live meh life. I’m the happiest man alive!” (Happiest Man Alive, 2013)

Interviewer: Okay. So how would you tell other young men to approach women in this “carnival of consent”? What should they do or say first?

Machel Montanto: “ I just want to dance, with you. Party over here now, for two, girl I got this feeling so true, whenever I’m dancing with you.” (Dance with You, 2006)

Interviewer: Thank you Mr. Montano. Our interview has come to a close. Do you think our Trinidad and Tobago carnival and society will ever change?

Machel Montano: “When you’re on the right road, don’t turn around, I know, we gonna make it…Yea, yea” (We Not Giving Up, 2005)